Why choose Avenues Group?

When you pick Avenues Group to pursue a career with, you are choosing to work for a conglomerate that has completely revolutionized the Indian eCommerce market.

Avenues was incorporated in the year 2001 as a 5-person company that has grown in the past 12 years into a 200+ organization with offices in US and Singapore. During Avenues nascent stage, in India less than 1% of merchants were using the internet to sell their products or services online. The purpose of establishing Avenues was to make it affordable for merchants to launch their businesses online, no matter the size of their operation.

The company successfully achieved this goal with the launch of CCAvenue, a online payment gateway that services 85% eMerchants across India. It has also successfully developed SAAS solutions for the travel an event industries. But this success does not end the story.

Avenues is constantly enhancing its solutions to meet ever changing industry standards. This is where Avenues Payments was initiated with an aim to create; a perfect online remittance providing service for NRI’s to send money to India safely and conveniently.  

We are looking for individuals, who are smart, innovative, and dynamic, also self-motivated and who enjoy challenges. Join us and become a part of a team that is rapidly expanding the Indian online ecommerce space.

We have exceptional opportunities at all levels, technical and non-technical. A programming team that uses the latest tech programs to develop innovative solutions; a testing team that ensures that the solution is market ready; a creative team gives our solutions a smart and stylish packaging; a marketing team that works hard for creating a market presence. These are just some of the many dynamic teams and positions available at Avenues for you.